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La Bohème, ça voulait dire on a vingt ans”, translated as “Bohemian, that meant that we were twenty years old”, sung by the French chansonnier with Armenian roots, Charles Aznavour.

La Bohème is also the name of a delightful real estate project in the historical heart of Brussels city-centre.

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Upscale Zavel, or Sablon, is world-famous for it’s antique dealers and art galleries, a neighborhood where strolling around is a traditional past time among locals. It is a lively area of chic bars, trendy restaurants and chocolate shops, where tradition meets dynamism within a timeless and romantic setting.

Zavel and its pedestrian streets, overlooking the elegant 15th century Gothic Church of Our Lady of Victories, invite you to stroll past the quintessentially Belgian brasseries and restaurants. Fashion-conscious merchants, promising artists and the Magritte Museum (highlighting the life and art of the Belgian surrealist painter) are living proof that a Brussels version of Montmartre exists- awe-inspiring and idyllic.

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The exquisite comfort and quality of a unique residence at an even more unique location. The fascinating views of the city from Sablon, the cultural hotspot of art. The vibe in the streets is already bohemian…

Refined bakery specializing in artisanal baked goods including quiche, tarts & pastries.

Many historic buildings & statues dot this city park consisting of the gardens of a former palace.

Enduring restaurant with colorful art & a heated patio, serving Belgian cuisine since 1968.

Pierre Marcolini travels the world to find increasingly rare beans which he transforms in his workshop into the finest, most delicious couverture chocolates … the epitome of chocolate making!

The Famous Belgian roll ! The country’s best artisans and typically Belgian homemade recipes.

The Church of Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon is a Roman Catholic church from the 15th century located in the Sablon district in the historic centre of Brussels.

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium are a group of art museums in Brussels, Belgium. The Royal Museums contains over 20,000 drawings, sculptures, and paintings, which date from the early 15th century to the present.

Neo-Renaissance gardens with a fountain & sculptures, surrounded by mansions & an ancient church.

One of the oldest antique markets in Brussels. Open since 1960.

Upscale fish restaurant, opened in 1967, with seating along the bar, plaid decor & an elegant salon.


La Boheme



Egmont Park

Au Vieux Saint Martin

Pierre Marcolini La Manufacture

Pistolet Original Sablon

Church of Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Square du petit Sablon

Antique Market

L’Écailler du Palais Royal

History revived

“Forged in the heart of Brussels, between the luxury boutiques of Sablon, and the authenticity of antique dealers of Marolles, “La Bohème” project takes us back to the golden era of Brussels.

By restructuring into vast and very comfortable accommodations, our wish was to restore this emblematic heritage to its original grandeur and prestige. Subtle architectural interventions contribute to enhancing the existing built volumes while allowing them to meet today’s needs in terms of space, comfort and light. A synergy of authenticity, heritage and contemporary construction techniques, “La Bohème” meets the challenges of today’s urban habitat”.

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